Free Dwight Howard!

With the NBA and NHL playoffs both heating up toward the finals, it won’t be long until baseball is the last obstacle between us and the NFL. It is good to see that the Royals are proving that last year’s run was no fluke, and if they enter the post season again, I’ll be among those eschewing mediocre NFL match-ups to view the MLB postseason.

– Dwight Howard didn’t throw an elbow last night. He tossed an annoying little man off of him. People whine that Howard is too passive, then when he finally reacts, they shriek, “Oh my Gawwwd! Suspend him!”

Shut up, people. Don’t you have something better to do, like trying to take tackling out of the NFL?

– Speaking of…Adrian Peterson is rumbling about retiring rather than playing for the Vikings. Has anybody told him he’s 30-years old? That’s the age when teams stop caring about running backs, in a league downsizing the running back position. What next? He’s going to threaten to stop beating his children if he doesn’t get to leave Minnesota?

– Kaepernick posted a picture of Texas’ killer flood aftermath, and then said “I warned you the #7torms coming #Houston!”

Thank God neither Twitter nor Colin #Genius was around to post pictures of concentration camps followed by witty captions during Hitler’s run.

– Remember Jordan Spieth?

– Phillies GM Ruben Omaro JR just said that the fans don’t understand the game. You know why he said that? Because in a poll, over 94% said he should be fired. Does Omaro understand the game? Since he became GM, the Phillies have not made the playoffs, and their record has gotten worse each year.

– Ray McDonald, serial abuser, has been released by the Bears after his latest arrest. Well, when a door shuts, a window opens. Fortunately, all his windows will have bars on them for the foreseeable future.


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